Do I have a choice?

Has your utility provider moved you without your consent?
Last year,14 suppliers failed to meet its renewable obligations, and some have ceased trading all together.
What are renewable obligations? This places an obligations on UK electricity suppliers to source an increasing proportion of the electricity they supply from renewable sources.
Utility suppliers must make a payment, managed by Ofgem, to the Government to meet carbon emission quotas. If they fail to meet these payments and quotas, this could put them out of business in some cases.
How does this affect you? If the company that supplies your gas or electric is no longer in business, Ofgem will nominate another supplier who will be in contact with you about your transfer usually to one of the bigger utility companies.
When you are transferred you are usually placed onto there standard tariff which is not the most competitive. .
Why not use Broker House as your utility broker and if your supplier ceases trading we will help and advise you which supplier to switch to for your business needs, with our streamlined process we’ll manage your transitions as well as assisting you with any changes to your contract.
Let us take the pain a way of dealing with unforeseeable changes so you can focus on you and your business.
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