SSE’s record £10.5m

Scottish and Southern Energy is to be fined £10.5m for “prolonged and extensive” miss-selling, in what will be the largest ever penalty imposed on an energy provider.
Ofgem quote “failures at every stage of the sales process” across the telephone, in-store and doorstep selling activities.
SSE has around 10 million domestic customers in the UK, they stopped doorstep selling in July 2011, but Ofgem said failures continued over the telephone and in store.
Ofgem said the fine reflects the seriousness and the duration of the miss-selling, as well as the harm caused to customers and the likely gain to SSE.
Management at SSE failed to pay enough attention to compliance, which allowed the miss-selling to take place, added Ofgem.
Ofgem, said this “This is a woeful catalogue of failures by the SSE management”.
This fine represents the fact that what they were doing was allowing a culture of miss-selling to continue, they weren’t doing enough to prevent sharp selling practices from their authorized selling agents, they actually provided misleading sales scripts.
Ofgem found failings at all stages of SSE’s sales processes, from the opening lines on the doorstep, in store or over the phone through to the confirmation process which follows a sale. The sales teams misled some customers into switching to the firm by telling them they were saving money when they were instead being put on to more expensive contracts.
Authorized selling agents also exaggerated the potential savings by switching to SSE and lied about rival price increases, telling customers that other suppliers were making all sorts of false promises.
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The fine will be paid to the Treasury.

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