Every Penny Counts

One of the major overheads for UK businesses is the cost of its energy. The right electricity and gas supply is very important to you. Let Broker House Ltd help you find the right one for your business.

Because we understand your business and energy requirements we search the market for the best deal that is right for you and fits your business.

Whether you are a micro business or an SME, Broker House will give you the care and attention for your business energy needs. Some of the things we will work with you on are:

•    We will save you time and admin costs
•    Reduce your energy bills
•    One contact (Broker House) for all your energy needs

Renewing Your Utility Contracts

With our wealth of experience and knowledge at Broker House we offer advice to our customers on their contract renewals (taking into account suppliers service support), business customer status i.e. are they a Micro Business and future price changes.


In the last couple of years, 85% of businesses reported switching energy suppliers and an estimated 52% of energy business users switched supplier because of price increases from their previous supplier. In addition to financial reasons, around 73% of businesses stated that because they knew their contract was coming to an end this prompted them to switch supplier. The most frequent reason for businesses switching energy supplier remains the appeal of lower prices.



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