Broker House & Energylinx Mission

Broker House and Energylinx main purpose is to make the process of comparing and changing domestic energy suppliers as easy and secure as possible.
The aim to make the whole industry transparent and accountable, ensuring that the domestic consumer is able to compare all energy suppliers.
Energylinx is independent of all the supply companies we represent.
Energylinx is truly unbiased and unlike the majority of energy brokers we list every single gas and electricity supplier in the UK . You will find energy suppliers on Energylinx that you will not find on any other price comparison currently operating in the UK.
Prices and information are always 100% accurate and up to date.
Who owns Energylinx?
Energylinx is a privately owned Scottish based company
Whilst Energylinx does provide analysis to many energy companies allowing them to set their prices in line with the entire industry, no supplier has any stake in Energylinx.
Company history
Energylinx is different from our peer group in that the whole team came from a domestic energy background, having spent an average of twenty years in the UK energy industry.
Company size
Energylinx is the largest specialist domestic energy price comparison in the UK .

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