Green Energy Means Higher Bills

Energy firms will be allowed to increase the amount of money they add to customers bills to pay for renewable power, nuclear and other environmental measures, to be announced by the government next week.

The deal over a new energy bill, will mean the total amount energy suppliers can add to domestic and business bills will rise from £2.35bn this year to nearly £10bn, an increase of nearly three times.

Based on government estimates that green measures make up £20 of the average domestic bill of £1,249 a year, the cost of increasing the cash set aside to pay for renewable investment would rise to about £80, or £60. However, officials argue that by the end of the decade the benefits of energy-saving measures and less reliance on expensive fossil fuel power will mean bills will become lower over time.

In the mean time the average bill paying customer who has not seen a pay rise in line with living expenses for five years will foot the bill

The extra charges on bills will unleash a £110bn investment into the National Grid and generate 250, 000 by 2030

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